why WinningStance

We have extensive expertise in demonstrating and presenting complex solutions. 

Our partnership with 2Win! Global provides us with the ability to deliver a unique set of training materials specifically targeting at Presenting and Demonstrating. The program "Demo2Win!" focuses on the challenge of effectively communicating your solution or product as well as differentiating yourself. Our goal is to make you memorable!

Our services are offered on a global basis.  We currently provide consultation and training in native English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.  

about us

WinningStance Corporation was created in 2007 with the idea that companies selling and marketing technically complex solutions and service are looking for a better way to communicate to their clients in a simple and concise matter.

our mission

Our mission is to improve our customers revenue, profit and productivity by providing clearly delineated services addressing their tactical needs.  Demonstration and Presentation skills are addressed through our partnership with 2Win! Global delivering a unique set of training workshop specifically targeted at the demonstration and presentation of complex solutions and services..