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Our Open Workshops give you the opportunity to attend a generic workshop verses a workshop customized specifically for your team.  These are typically attended by professionals that were unable to attend a custom workshop or by management interested in further evaluating our unique approach.


Demo2Win! Virtual Interactive Classroom

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Experience the same benefits of our proven Demo2WIN! workshop right from the convenience of your home or office.  All you need is a webcam and a high speed internet connection and you are ready to participate!

Demo2Win! open workshops

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The Goal of the Demo2Win! workshop is simple: deliver a practical, proven set of skills, tools and procedures that both beginners and veterans can immediately put to use to improve their demo-to-win ratio. Register here! .

Demo2Win! advanced open workshop                         

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The goal of Demo2WIN! Advanced is to provide people who present and demonstrate technology with targeted coaching
designed to make them more effective at delivering compelling, winning presentations and software demonstrations. Register here!