We help sales professionals win. It's a proven fact that the difference between being first and second place in a judged event like a product demo or presentation is a scant 2%. We call this the 2% factor We believe there are ample resources devoted to selling strategies and methodologies. With WinningStance you have what you need to effectively communicate the advantages of your products to your client... and win by 2%.  
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                                                                       The Factor

We specialize in the Medical Equipment and Graphic Communications Industries serving equipment, software and technology suppliers and partners.  Our clients have taken advantage of our unique approach to improve their win ratios. So if your product or service offering is of a highly technical nature and you want to communicate your value proposition more effectively then you want to consider our wide range of services.

No matter where you are in the sale cycle you need to ensure that your team has the necessary skill set to address the customers needs.  Our portfolio is designed around your sales cycle and targeted at "customer facing events"...