Designed for those professionals on your team who are in front of your prospects or customers and responsible for presenting and demonstrating your solutions.

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A customized workshop engineered for those professionals on your team who are responsible for uncovering key information and requirements ahead of a demonstration or presentation . 

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The more you know about your prospect the better your chances of success.  Intensify your team's discovery skills and effectiveness through this advanced skills session.

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video clip -- client sales meeting

This short clip will give you an idea of the personal style and "roll up your sleeves" approach that both Ron and Mariana, the principles of WinningStance, use to engage the students. 

In the very beginning of the clip Ron tells a story about purchasing motorcycle and what he was looking to do to differentiate himself. 

Mariana is talking about the brain and how your customer might respond to your presentation or demonstration. 



fully custom programs

Service2Win! -  A workshop designed to provide service organizations; instructors, mechanics and electricians with the necessary 2WIN!® Crimes, fundamentals and techniques targeting what we refer to as "Stellar Customer Service".

Launch2WIN!®- A unique blend of training and services for your Marketing and Product Launch team that supplements new product and product release field readiness by integrating proven 2WIN! techniques in the deliverables. 

Marketing Services - We also provide Marketing Outsourcing Services.  We specialize in Product and Solutions Marketing,  including initiatives such as product launch, go to market,  solutions configuration, competitive analysis, pricing and additional business development programs.